Keystone School Instills Love of Learning

Keystone School Instills Love of Learning

Keystone where academic excellence and student individuality are honored.

Keystone School, located in the heart of Monte Vista, has been a haven for an exceptionally diverse groups of bright and motivated students since 1948. The campus is a charming assortment of historic buildings that has recently been enhanced with a brand new Science and Creativity Building, as well as an Alumni Quadrangle that serves as the heart of the campus.

Students from pre-K3 to grade 12 are taught to ask questions, to pursue knowledge, and to love learning. The School embraces the principle that, given the opportunity, encouragement, and means to think more deeply and comprehensively, young people will respond with the enthusiasm and energy to go beyond the demands of a standard curriculum. Within the context of a balanced and supportive environment, Keystone’s challenging and thoughtful college-preparatory program, enriched with many opportunities for physical, social, creative, and ethical growth, challenges students to develop diligence, inquisitiveness, independence, self-discipline, and responsibility.

Keystone students achieved many milestones over the course of the last school year. The School again boasts San Antonio’s highest percentage of National Merit Scholars, with 25% of the senior class of 2016 recognized as finalists, and another 9 students recognized as commended scholars. Keystone students also achieved remarkable results with AP exams, with last year’s seniors taking an average of 7 exams and receiving a mean score of 4.5 (out of 5) on those exams. Keystone’s writing program cultivated a host of young published poets, including 5 of the 23 writers from the entire Southwest Region (Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico) who received the prestigious Gold Key designation from the Gold Key Literary Society. Keystone’s Academic World Quest Team also dazzled, winning first place in the world at the Washington D.C. Competition. Another highlight of the 2015-2016 school year was the selection of Nia Clement’s Science Fair project (researching cancer treatment) for the White House Science Fair.

The program behind these noteworthy accomplishments is reflected in the myriad student projects, papers, test scores, performances, and creations in classrooms from preK through12th grade. It’s important to note, though, that Keystone students’ remarkable achievements in contests and on national exams is not the School’s goal. Rather, these achievements are a reflection of the success with which the School meets its goal, which is to create a learning environment that elevates and celebrates learning to a profound degree, and where school is not only cool, but something to cherish.

Keystone is a nationally recognized, multi-cultural, college-preparatory school where academic excellence and student individuality are honored. Our small, accelerated classes and co-curricular activities prepare our students to succeed academically and socially at the nation’s best colleges and universities, and ultimately serve as vectors for positive change in the world.

Angela Rabke

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