President’s Letter Spring 2015

The Monte Vista Historical Association welcomed ten new board members in January. They bring with them lots of new energy and enthusiasm, and it has been a great pleasure to make new friends. I would like to introduce them to you.

Paula Bondurant serves on Code Compliance. We call her “The Enforcer.” Jessica Elliott brings her knowledge of design and construction to the Architectural Review Committee. Diane Fuqua is a board alumnus returning to serve as Recording Secretary. Summer Greathouse is an attorney with a new baby. In her spare time she serves on Code Compliance and will be hiding Easter Eggs very soon.

Sandra Grove is in the oil business, and helps promote membership. Dolly Holmes and Michele Nievaard are heading up Home Tour 2015, and they are off to a great start. Diane Warren is helping to preserve history on ARC. Rosanne White is editing Vistas. Judge Bill White is serving on Neighborhood Safety, and David Smith takes our pictures and makes jokes. But that’s not all! MV volunteers are also making mighty big contributions. Weir Labatt is a one-man alley clean-up and re-opening crew. His efforts in tree trimming, brush control, and coordination with the city have resulted in the opening of six alleys that were formerly closed! Susanna Garcia has transformed our website, and it looks like Madison Avenue now. Check it out at montevista-sa.org.

Elladean Moreno and Wendel Fuqua helped make our I Love Monte Vista membership party a great success. Kathy Armstrong keeps us up to date on Facebook. And of course, no one devotes more time to the association than the volunteer members of the Architectural Review Committee: Paul Kinnison, Vince Johnson, Don McDonald, Michael Daniels, Trey Rabke, along with board members Tony Garcia, Jessica Elliott, and Diane Warren.

In the office, Tertia Emerson, a former board president and long-time Monte Vista resident and supporter, is expanding her work as Office Administrator, and helping the association operate on a more professional level.

With all this new energy, we have some new ideas as well. We hope to revive Monte Vista Block Captains in 2015, as a way to promote community and safety. And my own personal little project: a digital archive of original architectural plans for houses in Monte Vista. Three residents have already donated plans. Please let us know if you happen to have some lying about the house. We will make copies and return the originals to you.

We are looking forward to our traditional events. Third Thursdays in the Spring and Fall, Easter Egg Hunt and Independence Day Parade and Picnic are all for fun. Tony Garcia will once again host special educational seminars. Watch for those. The Architectural Review Committee continues its important work guiding residents in making historically appropriate alterations to their houses. Neighborhood Safety will continue to work to calm traffic, and Code Compliance will keep an eye on zoning cases.

We were off to a great start with our I Love Monte Vista membership party in February. It was a smash, and if you missed it, you made a big mistake! It was held at the fascinating home of Leith and Dick Negley, and it could not have been a nicer event. If that is any indication, 2015 should be a banner year.

We have great board members, as you see, but we also need volunteers! Come join us at Easter Egg Hunt; just send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and we will be in touch. It’s really fun. And come to our Third Thursdays. It’s the best way to get to know your neighbors. You can tend bar if you want to. We have a spectacular house lined up in March! The home of Anna and Bruce Liesman at 302 West Mulberry. Look for that on our website and blasts.

We hope to see you! Cee Parker

Cee Parker

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