“Present!” – Thoughts on the MVHA 2016 Annual Meeting

Being ‘Present’ at the MVHA Annual Meeting

On large group bicycle rides, a neighbor I ride with always says ‘present’ when his name is called during the check to make sure everyone is altogether and ready to go. It’s a positive retort that makes me laugh a little and smile.

Lots of people signed in as ‘present’ at the Monte Vista Historical Association Annual Meeting last October. It was a good crowd: not a lot of empty chairs in the Laurel Heights UMC parish hall.

Really, showing up was the least I could do. I am thankful for all the MVHA Board is doing to stay abreast and inform us of neighborhood developments and fun events. I punched my Board volunteer card several years ago; at that time, it was disheartening when so very few showed for the annual meeting.

As usual for this dynamic neighborhood, there was a full agenda to present to this year’s crowd. The meeting stretched on a bit longer that I’d planned-- board elections, treasurer’s report, ARC, Landa Library relations, fun stuff, status of La Marquesa Estates, State Representative Bernal’s bond education pitch, etc.

So much is going on, of which I knew very little. It was enjoyable to see lots of neighbors I hadn’t seen lately. Turned out more than one neighbor rode their bikes to the meeting, so I had company on my pedal home. Fortunately MVHA is much more than (to quote Reverend Beth Knowlton on community) a “relationship of rules and regulations”.

Julie Van Zandt

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