Azulejos y Enchiladas A Smashing Success!

We are so lucky to have passionate experts on many things in Monte Vista. On August 6th, two of our most celebrated experts, Susan Toomey Frost on tiles and Cappy Lawton on enchiladas, shared their knowledge on their lifelong passions. Cappy, longtime restauranteur and restorer of Monte Vista properties, generously donated 72 (!) enchilada lunches served in the charming Casa Alicia at La Fonda on Main. Cappy and Chris Waters Dunn entertained the full house with stories about their experience writing Enchiladas: Aztec to Tex-Mex.  Cappy served Enchiladas Verdes; folded, not rolled, along with perfectly seasoned Mexican rice and creamy black beans made with avocado leaves! The meal was finished off with the classic Mexican dessert, pralines. Cappy's book was for sale at the luncheon, and he thrilled everyone with the announcement that he was donating 25% of the proceeds towards the event. Thank you, Cappy!

Following lunch, we headed over to the William Knox Holt Center at Trinity University for the captivating lecture on tiles by Susan Toomey Frost. Susan was introduced by Dr. Danny Anderson, President of Trinity University. Susan presented an incredible slideshow with dozens of examples of tile installations in Monte Vista homes. She also explained the process of tile making and shared stories about some of the famous tile makers and architects whom we have to thank for making Monte Vista such a beautiful neighborhood. All of Susan's photos will be donated to Trinity University, where they will be archived with other historic documents and research on Monte Vista.

At the conclusion of the luncheon we drew the winning raffle ticket for an Enchilada Dinner Party for 8 hosted by Jill Torbert and Dolly Holmes. Congratulations, Susan Brothers!

Trinity University Press gave a copy of Susan Toomey Frost's book Colors On Clay to each of the nearly 100 attendees.  We thank Trinity University Press for this very generous and thoughtful gift which we will all enjoy for years to come as not only a beautiful book, but as a resource when researching tile for our homes.

The finale to the day was a tour of four homes. Many thanks to Dr. Danny and Kimberly Anderson, Gloria Kemper, John and Lisa Weissler and Susan Toomey Frost for opening their homes for this special event.  Each home had unique tile installations, and visitors were truly enchanted with the afternoon.

Last, but most certainly not least, we thank our wonderful sponsors, The John and Florence Newman Foundation; Colleen Casey, Realtor with Phyllis Browning Company; Eugenia and Lawrence A. Bertetti Foundation; Ann Van Pelt; Redondo Tile; Trinity University Press; Travis Tile and the San Antonio Public Library Foundation.

This event was a joint effort by the Monte Vista Historical Association, the Landa Gardens Conservancy and the San Antonio Public Library Foundation to restore the dilapidated planter at the Landa Library. We are pleased to announce that with ticket sales and wonderful sponsors, we reached our financial goal. The planter will soon be as beautiful as it was in the day of Harry and Hannah Landa. When the work is completed, there will be a dedication and likely a party. This is Monte Vista, after all!    

Enjoy the great photos taken by the very talented David Smith!

  • Appetizers, of course!
  • Dru Van Steenberg, Jill Torbert and Cappy Lawton
  • A funny thing happened while writing this book...
  • Delicious Enchiladas Verdes with the smoothest black beans perfectly seasoned rice!
  • Our guest speakers, Chris Waters Dunn, Cappy Lawton and Susan Toomey Frost
  • Cappy generously donated 25% of the proceeds from his book sales to the event!  Thanks, Cappy!
  • Tiled Fountain as La Fonda on Main
  • Trinity University graciously hosted the lecture at the elegant William Knox Holt Center!
  • Tile Mural
  • Classic!
  • The tile mural that inspired the original Fiesta poster.
  • Samples of similar tile that will be used to restore the Landa Library Planter.  Supplied by Redondo Tile, a San Antonio icon!
  • Lisa Weissler, Susan Toomey Frost and Linda Yarborough.  Lisa's home was on the tour.
  • Thank you Trinity University Press for the generous donation of Colors on Clay as a gift to each attendee!
  • Dr. Danny Anderson, President of Trinity University, welcomes us to the William Knox Holt Center.  Dr. Anderson and his wife Kimberly opened their home for the tour.
  • The lecture was filled to capacity as Susan shared her incredible knowledge of tile with great passion and a bit of humor!
  • Susan drew the lucky winner of the raffle for an enchilada dinner for 8!
  • The Anderson home
  • What incredible tile at the home of Dr. Danny and Kimberly Anderson!
  • The tile makes a statement as you approach Gloria Kemper's home.
  • Gloria has installed all of this tile with her own two hands!  Very talented!
  • Thanks Gloria for opening your lovely home for the tour!
  • Homeowner Lisa Weissler shows John Bloodsworth the incredible tile bar in her home. Thanks Lisa for allowing your home to be on the tour!
  • What a great place for a cocktail party!
  • Susan Toomey Frost sure knows how to create an entrance!
  • Intricate fireplace at 333 Summit Avenue
  • Susan took the time to autograph books for everyone!
  • Susan Toomey Frost and Don McDonald
  • A tile treasure!
  • Dear Cappy and Susan, thanks to your generosity, hard work, vision and passion for food and tiles, the Landa Library Planter will be as beautiful as the days of Harry and Hannah Landa!  Con Carino from Monte Vista Historical Association, Landa Gardens Conservancy, San Antonio Public LIbrary Foundation and the San Antonio Public Library

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