MVHA Committee Develops “History Walks”

MVHA Committee Develops “History Walks”

The MVHA Historic Preservation Committee has Developed “History Walks”

The MVHA Historic Preservation Committee, under the leadership of Committee Chairman Gerry Frost, has developed “History Walks.” The idea for the History Walks emerged as the committee realized the need to make the history of our Neighborhood available to the larger community.

“Our primary objectives is to help preserve the historic fabric of the MVHA neighborhood by providing a deeper understanding of the neighborhood’s role in the early development of San Antonio and to show its continuing evolution over time,” Gerry explains. A great neighborhood has layers of history and complexity. Neighborhoods tell the story of the people who built them and those who have lived in them. More than just a collection of buildings, a neighborhood is a cultural landscape, shedding light on the history of an area.

The first of the History Walks features the Summit Place Development. Summit Place Development began in 1908, and encompasses Kings Highway, Summit Avenue and one block of Agarita. The History Walk will include Summit Avenue and Kings Highway and feature the ‘back stories’ of eight homes per street with an overview of the early development Summit Place.

The Committee has developed this “History Walk” through research of library and on-line sources, oral histories and interviews. The Library of the Institute of Texan Culture, the San Antonio Public Library’s’ Texana Room and the records of the Conservation Society have been invaluable resources. The Oral Histories of long term Monte Vista Residents that have been conducted over the past 5 years have been invaluable in developing a coherent narrative of the culture and character of the neighborhood. The Oral Histories, based on the memories and experiences of past and present residents, truly serve to bring the rich history of our neighborhood to life.

The History Walk of Summit Place Development will be offered twice a year, or by special request and invitation. The Summit Place History Walk will be offered in both the Spring and the Fall of 2016. Notification for dates and times will be sent by MVHA.

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