Restoring Monte Vista

Restoring Monte Vista

The Monte Vista Historical Association has partnered with the City of San Antonio in a wonderful program that goes by the acronym of STAR (Students Together Achieving Revitalization). We have all seen some of the homes in Monte Vista that are in dire need of tender loving care before the damage to these magnificent structures goes beyond the ability to restore them. MVHA has assisted homeowners qualifying for this wonderful program highlighting structures that need help and guiding the application process.

In essence, the STAR program is what MVHA board member Clint Lawson accurately describes as a modern “barn raising.” Recently architecture students from UTSA and San Antonio College came to Monte Vista and helped give a home on East Magnolia, and one behind it, a face-lift. Fellow neighbors and MVHA board members were there as well. Key players in this process have been Shannon Miller with City of San Antonio Office of Historic Preservation, Sue Ann Pemberton with Mainstreet Architects, and our own president Tony Garcia. MVHA has supported STAR with both funds and volunteer help. Another important figure assisting is Victor Salas of Artchitectural Dot Com. He is a local contractor who teaches these young students hands on tutorials about how to preserve these older structures.

This is the kind of program that we should all support. It not only helps our neighborhood but it serves as a beacon of preservation for the rest of the city.

John Agather

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