As stewards of these historic homes, our responsibility is to maintain their integrity. This is paramount in order to pass on these treasures to future generations.

We owe the quality of life that we enjoy on a daily basis to the architects, builders and residents of bygone years.

Property Maintenance in a Historic District

Monte Vista homeowners share an appreciation for the vision, creativity and intellect of its founders. Respecting the homes will allow future generations to also experience the quality of life that we enjoy today.

Since its founding in 1973, the Monte Vista Historical Association has encouraged property owners in the historic district to preserve the physical identity of the neighborhood. If you are planning a restoration or remodeling project, please refer to the section on this website entitled Property Improvements.

Time for Fun

At the magic hour, folks bringing food and a bottle of wine gather to enjoy the ambience of another Monte Vista party. The designated gathering place may be one home, several homes together, or a place of business. The homes may be large mansions or small bungalows; the meeting place inside or outside on the lawn or patio. Third Thursdays are more than just parties and fun. These gatherings are a potent glue that binds our neighborhood together.  

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