The Monte Vista Historic District, one of the largest historic districts in the United States, is home to about 3,000 people in 100 city blocks in midtown San Antonio, Texas, USA. It was officially registered in the National Register of Historic Places in 1998. 

Monte Vista is located roughly 1.5 miles north of Downtown and includes 14 subdivisions, taking its name from the largest of those subdivisions.


More than two dozen architects captured the essence of a range of national architectural trends, creating a mix of distinctive homes that give Monte Vista its unique character and appeal. Adaptations of local architectural trends are reflected in an intriguing mix of homes.


When the newly organized Monte Vista Historical Association came to order in 1973, one of its biggest goals was to achieve landmark status for the area. Its considerable efforts came to fruition in 1975, when the Monte Vista Historic District was designated, and later in December of 1998, when it was finally listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This is a source of pride to the residents who call Monte Vista home.

Each structure is under the protection of the Historic District and Landmark Zoning Ordinance enacted in February 1987. This ruling adds “historic” to all zoning. To ensure preservation of the architectural character of the neighborhood, all external changes to buildings (residential, institutional or commercial) must be reviewed by the City of San Antonio’s Office of Historic Preservation or by the Historic Design and Review Commission. 

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