MVHA 2017 Fiesta Medals

MVHA 2017 Fiesta Medals

Time to add to your collection of Fiesta medals and what better way to support the Monte Vista Historical Association! 

Belknap Place Centennial

Belknap Place Centennial

Who knew concrete could be so much fun or so interesting? If you attended the Belknap Place Centennial Celebration on May 21, then you know! 

Azulejos y Enchiladas A Smashing Success!

We are so lucky to have passionate experts on many things in Monte Vista. On August 6th, two of our most celebrated experts on Tiles and Enchiladas, Susan Toomey Frost and Cappy Lawton, shared their knowledge on their lifelong passions. 

Monte Vista Trials Security Patrol

Texas Lawman Security will provide a trial security patrol which includes officers patrolling a small geographic area including Hollywood Avenue, Lynwood Avenue and Elsmere Place for a 90 day trial period. 

National Night Out

National Night Out (NNO) is an annual community-police awareness-raising event held all over the United States.

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