Archive for Architectural Plans

MVHA is establishing an archive of original architectural plans for houses in Monte Vista. MVHA President Cee Parker, himself an architect, is spearheading this effort. It is our hope that over time this archive will become a valuable resource for architectural historians and preservationists and will contribute to our efforts to protect and preserve our distinctive architectural heritage. Cee tells us these old plans sometimes are found in basements or cedar closets. Sometimes they go unrecognized and are later found in estate sales. It’s like a treasure hunt!

If you have original architect’s or builder’s plans for your house, or any house in Monte Vista, you may like to have a digital copy preserved in the MVHA archive. Original plans will be scanned and held in digital format at the Monte Vista office as reference material. Individuals may request access to particular plans in the archive.

If you would like to include your original house plans in MVHA archives, please contact Cee Parker @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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