Fall Home Tour 2017

Fall Home Tour 2017

Avenue of the Cattle Barons

102 E Kings Highway
Home of Barry and Bonnie Bankler

This beautiful home was built around 1913 by Architects Reuter and Harrington for Judge Robert Lee Ball and his family. Judge Ball was a lawyer and banker in San Antonio. He was the cattlemen’s lawyer, a leading expert on the legal aspects of the cattle business. He was retained by many prominent cattlemen of San Antonio and the surrounding area.

102 E Kings Highway is a Traditional Tudor style brick home, with attractive brickwork design beside the windows above the entry porch. The walls are solid brick. The attic is completely finished and there is a three-room basement.

Former owners were Mr. and Mrs. Houston C. Munson, who owned the home from 1944 to 1962. In 1962, Mary and Richard Eckhardt; Dr. Richard Eckhardt was professor at Trinity University. The Eckhardts converted the terrace into a library for their large book collection.


114 E Kings Highway
Home of Timo and Ashley Hixon

The magnificent mansion at 114 E Kings Highway was built for Herbert L. (H. L.) Kokernot and completed in 1912. Architect H. A. Reuter designed the home in the Colonial Revival Beaux Arts style. H.L Kokernot was a Cattle Baron with enormous ranches in and around Pecos and Brewster Counties in West Texas. His kinsman, John W. Kokernot, owned the home across the street at 119 E Kings Highway, which is also on the tour.

This two-story brick house was built with nine rooms, two spacious sleeping porches and “a bath on each floor.” One outstanding feature of the home is the stained-glass window above the staircase. This is a reproduction of the original window which occupied the same site. As with many of the grand houses of Monte Vista, the attic is finished and was originally used as a ballroom. The windows offer spectacular views of the city.

Another prominent businessman in San Antonio, Harry H. Rogers bought the home in 1920. He was an oilman from Oklahoma. Notably, the purchase price was an exorbitant $100,000.

In 1942 the home was sold to the Catholic church and for many years was known as the Bishop’s Palace when the Archbishop of San Antonio, Reverend Robert E. Lucey lived there.

119 East Kings Highway
Home of Richard and Susann Fishman

The palatial home at 119 E Kings Highway was designed by Architect Atlee B. Ayers for John W. Kokernot in the Colonial Revival style. John Kokernot was a Cattle Baron with extensive ranches in the Alpine area of West Texas. John’s kinsman, H.L. Kokernot, owned the mansion across the street at 114 E Kings Highway, which is also on the tour.

The house was completed around 1911. It is a two-story, 14-room house built of pressed gray brick with a finished attic and basement. The ground floor has to large living rooms and a beautiful dining room. All are beautifully furnished and decorated. Five bedrooms are on the second floor. The large attic has been partitioned into three rooms. It is accessible only by a steep, narrow stairway and will not be available for view on the tour. The large basement housed the servant’s quarters and the laundry room, as well as the central heating system.

One of the home’s great beauties is a magnificent stained glass windows on the landing of the grand stairway. The window is original and is likely to have been made by Tiffany.

The present owners, Richard and Susann Fishman have carefully renovated and restored the house. Where possible, they have restored original elements. Where renovation was required, they have been sensitive to the original style and colors.

Special Thanks to our 2017 Home Tour Homeowners & Sponsors

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Barry and Bonnie Bankler, 102 East Kings Highway

Timo and Ashley Hixon, 114 East Kings Highway

Richard and Susann Fishman, 119 East Kings Highway

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