Independence Day Monte Vista Style

Independence Day Monte Vista Style

Fourth of July in Monte Vista

Fourth of July in Monte Vista brings out families and friends, uniting us all in a spirit of neighborliness and good will.

The parade formed with an assembly of children and dogs – and adults who felt like children again. Red, white and blue everywhere.

At the Monte Vista patriotic picnic on the grounds of the Landa Library, the program never gets old. Rev. Jim McClain invoked unity and understanding in the name of the Universal Creator. We pledged allegiance, and we saw that our flag was still there. We felt a swell of pride and our eyes got a little bit misty (must have been the allergies.)

We enjoyed hot dogs, cookies, ice cream, lemonade and PIE!! Through it all there was plenty of socializing, meeting new friends and greeting old. As the Reverend said, we should not take our liberties for granted.

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