Restoration of Gramercy Gate

Restoration of Gramercy Gate

Repair of the historic gateway at Howard and West Gramercy

The historic gateway at Howard and West Gramercy suffered significant damage last November when it was struck by a City of San Antonio truck. Long-time MVHA members Jane and Rick Lewis immediately took the lead in organizing the repair of this important landmark.

The City of San Antonio Traffic and Capital Improvements staff took responsibility for covering the cost and were most cooperative with MVHA, allowing us to select our own contractor to perform the work.

Jane and Rick recruited a widely respected firm, Curtis Hunt Masonry Restoration, to complete the repairs. Michael Hunt took great care in matching the mortar in color and strength, and searched diligently for old brick to match the existing. The gateway is now perfectly restored and once again serves as an elegant landmark in the Monte Vista Historic District.

Cee Parker

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