David Smith

2015 was David’s first year on the Board of Directors and we asked him to do what he does so beautifully—photographs! He has been in the photofinishing/lab business since the early 1970's; also during that time and currently, contract photographer specializing in documentation, public relations, conventions and sporting events. If you attended any of our social events during 2015 such as our Preview Cocktail Gala, the Fall Home Tour, the 4th of July Parade and Picnic or a 3rd Thursday, you probably had your photo taken by David, many of which were published in Vistas. In 2015 David also worked on the Membership Committee. David moved to San Antonio from Austin in 1981 and he has always enjoyed living in smaller communities close to downtown like Alamo Heights, Terrell Hills and now Monte Vista since 2004. The history and tradition of Monte Vista is a link to the history of San Antonio and central and south Texas. David likes to sit in the chair in his front yard and he can almost hear the sounds of the downtown market, watch the wagons roll down the dusty road. Or he just sits in his chair and visits with any number of folks taking a stroll through the neighborhood. David is also an award winning peach pie baker!


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David Smith

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